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Bearing foundry Ridaa B.V. is specialized in white metal casting.
The largest industry Ridaa B.V. operates in is shipping. Our core products, such as bearing scales and bearing busses, are most common in this industry. However, we can also apply a white metal layer to other products, such as:
  • Bearing pads
  • Skids
  • Inserts
  • Bearing rings
The white metal layer can either be cast statically, or centrifuged.
We can create products based on drawings, a description of the client’s specific demands, or a combination of the two.
The power of Ridaa B.V. lies in the fact that we realize the entire production process, from engineering to final product, in-house.
We cast and process white metal for industries including:
  • Drive technology
  • Dredging companies
  • Shipbuilding undertakings
  • Energy engineering
  • Engineering works
  • Steel production companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Quarries
If you would like more information about our products or services, please feel free to contact us.


    Cross head bearing & Crank pin bearing RD76
    Bearing 2/2 diameter 1000mm for cement mill
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    Inserts and Housing
    Intermediate bearing shaft 110mm
    Rolling mill bearing shaft 550 x 700mm
    Intermediate ring bearing
    Melt furnace casting machine nr. 2